70+ Fun Spring Bucket List Ideas for 2022 (2024)

Spring bucket list ideas for 2024! These fun bucket list activities for spring are perfect for families with kids, couples on a date, or friends to do together.

70+ Fun Spring Bucket List Ideas for 2022 (1)

Have you been waiting impatiently for the cold, dark days of winter to pass…and the warmth, light, and color to return?

Me too!

Don’t worry, winter will pass, and bring about a fresh new season for us to enjoy.

A really fun way to take FULL advantage of all the upcoming springtime fun is to make a Spring Bucket List.

It gives you something to dream about now, and having an actual list makes it more likely that you’ll actually ‘do all the things’ before spring ends.

I put together a list of over 70 fun things to do in the spring…

…and created a free spring bucket list printable that you can use to jot down what fun activities you want to do this year.

Hang the list on your refrigerator, or somewhere that will remind you to make time for the things you enjoy!

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These spring activities are perfect for adults, kids, and everyone in between.

Use them for spring break, a staycation, or any random spring weekend.

(The idea is that since the seasons pass by us so quickly, it’s super important to be intentional about how we spend our time.)

And many of these fun spring activities are actually free or very cheap!

👉 You can have fun, new experiences no matter what your budget is!

70+ Fun Spring Bucket List Ideas for 2022 (2)

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70+ Spring Bucket List Ideas

Outdoor spring activities:

1. Go for a walk or hike in nature

2. Visit a local farm

3. Look for baby birds

4. Plant some flowers or seeds

5. Start a vegetable or herb garden

70+ Fun Spring Bucket List Ideas for 2022 (3)

6. Play outside like a kid

Swing on a park swing, jump rope, or blow bubbles.

7. Draw something with sidewalk chalk

8. Fly a kite

9. Stargaze at night

10. Have an outdoor photoshoot

Either by yourself, with your loved ones, or take photos of the beautiful spring flowers and plants.

11. Take a walk in the rain

Bonus points for splashing in the puddles!

12. Visit a farmer’s market

13. Go on a picnic

70+ Fun Spring Bucket List Ideas for 2022 (4)

14. Pick up litter somewhere that’s meaningful to you

15. Try geocaching

16. Hand wash your car

17. Feed the ducks

18. Visit a new park

19. Host a small cookout

Or just enjoy grilling for the first time this year!

20. Go to the zoo

21. Take or plan a camping trip

22. Have a garage sale

Or sell items you don’t need on Facebook Marketplace. Declutter your house while making a little cash!

23. Go for a bike ride

70+ Fun Spring Bucket List Ideas for 2022 (5)

24. Have a bonfire

With s’mores, of course!

25. Go to a baseball game

26. Try kayaking or canoeing

27. Go horseback riding

28. Attend a carnival

29. Play an outdoor game like frisbee, tennis, or golf

30. Go fishing

31. Watch the sunrise or sunset

32. Look for a rainbow after the rain

70+ Fun Spring Bucket List Ideas for 2022 (6)

33. Go on a nature scavenger hunt

34. Look for shapes in the clouds

35. Pick wildflowers

36. Hang a hummingbird feeder to enjoy all summer

37. Walk barefoot in the grass

38. Clean up the yard

You’ll feel so accomplished!

39. Plan or create a fairy garden

40. Dine al fresco

41. Pick strawberries

42. Visit a botanical garden

43. Go to a beach

It’s much less crowded in the off season!

44. Hang up a windchime

45. Play mini golf

70+ Fun Spring Bucket List Ideas for 2022 (7)

Fun Indoor Things to Do in the Spring (because sometimes it rains, y’all):

46. Make a bird feeder

47. Cook with spring veggies

48. Have a spring movie night

Some of my favorites are Charlotte’s Web and Hop

49. Listen to Vivaldi’s “Spring”

50. Paint something – a picture, a room, a rock

51. Polish your nails or toes in a fun, spring color

52. Read a book that is set in the spring

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70+ Fun Spring Bucket List Ideas for 2022 (8)

53.Make an Easter basket for someone

54. Declutter something in your house


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55. Do some spring cleaning

👉 Here’s a free checklist!

56. Have a game night

57. Buy a spring bouquet for your home

58. Volunteer somewhere that’s important to you

59. Dye Easter eggs

70+ Fun Spring Bucket List Ideas for 2022 (9)

60. Bake spring-themed cookies or cupcakes

61. Plan your summer trip

Or a last-minute spring break trip.I love using Airbnb or VRBO to find a rental home.

62. Eat ice cream

Either at home or your from favorite local ice cream shop.

63. Plan any yard and landscaping projects

64. Make your summer bucket list

65. Host or go to an Easter egg hunt

66. Make fresh fruit smoothies

70+ Fun Spring Bucket List Ideas for 2022 (10)

67. Open your windows and let in the fresh air

68. Wear something pastel

69. Try a different hairstyle

70. Play a friendly April Fool’s Day prank on someone

71. Have a tea party

72. Bake a seasonal pie

70+ Fun Spring Bucket List Ideas for 2022 (11)

Ready to make your Spring Bucket List?

I hope this list of fun spring activities gave you lots of inspiration for your own spring bucket list!

Don’t forget to download the printable spring bucket list template using the form below, and make a list of everything you want to do.

The bucket list templates are all available in my Vault of Awesome Freebies, along with tons of other free printables. Sign up below for instant access!

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70+ Fun Spring Bucket List Ideas for 2022 (12)

70+ Fun Spring Bucket List Ideas for 2022 (13)

70+ Fun Spring Bucket List Ideas for 2022 (14)

70+ Fun Spring Bucket List Ideas for 2022 (2024)
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