How To Find Rose Rocks 🌹 💎 Oklahoma Crystal Hunting (2024)


Barite Rose Rock is the Oklahoma state rock! What a fun adventure that’s open to the public! Be sure to check this place out if you can! Please follow 6 piece limit if you visit this location. It’s on the southern side of the lake, easy to find. God coordinates are 35.3272 -97.3463

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This whole island is loaded with rose rocks.

Oh my goodness.

What we just hit the jackpot matrix welcome to the crystal collector today, we're in oklahoma and matrix, and i are going to be looking for.

These rose rocks stay tuned because you don't want to miss out on how to find these awesome rose.

Rocks this spot's open to the public.

You can collect six a day, so come on and check it out with me and we're gon na go to this location and you're gon na see how easy it is to collect these rose rocks.

What so, obviously there's seven on the table? I actually put the very first one in my pocket and forgot about it so being respectful to the limits we're gon na toss, this one back for someone to find later swimmer, we'll get that one one day looks like that's our spot as we're passing down this Road here maybe there's some parking up ahead, awesome, so just start walking down from the spot.

You've got this place where you can park here, looks like the matrix is ready so right here from the park, and you can see it's not too bad of a walk.

We're on lake draper here got matrix hanging out.

He can't wait to get out and we're actually hunting for rose, rocks, rose, rocks are crystallized, barium sulfate, also known as barite or red rose, rocks, they're, actually oklahoma, state rock, and you can see all along this coastline and apparently right there on that.

Knob we've got a little bit of a high water today, but i think we're going to be able to go out and find some rose rocks.

Let's get her done matrix for you ready.

Let's go get them come on.

It actually used to be illegal to collect these and a local found out, and they came up with an idea where you can come out and find six rows rocks.

So we're gon na have to see if we can catch our limit today of roses bare right roses.

That is we're not really finding much here.

So we're gon na go ahead and walk out to the knob there.

I hear these things can get up to softball size, so it's not a bad walk.

You can see.

I parked right up there and walked right down here.

I'M already checking out the surface, but you've got mostly rocks and stuff that they set, but just right over there there's supposed to be some right.

The there is chilling out in the water we're almost at the knob and i can see why look at this check that out right in the water.

Already you can see i'm calling the water.

I can see now why they have a limit of six, because look at that.

You can get six real, quick, but we're gon na go and try to get six really good ones.

I'M only gon na stay out here, like maybe an hour or so we'll see matrix playing in waves and check this out they're just everywhere, all right, we just set matrix free and he knows it come on back this way.

Boy and look at this.

These things are everywhere.

You can hear the cars going by we're right along the highway there.

I'M not even gon na keep these, but you could just pick them up by the car load if you wanted, but there are limits.

So i'm gon na look around a little bit.

This is probably only gon na take half an hour to get six pieces that i'm happy to go home with.

So let's go out here and check this knob out.

I've heard they get softball size here, sometimes so all right boy, you're gon na - have to swim.

So we made it over to the island and there should be pieces all over the place and i'm seeing them everywhere, maybe back over on just that shoreline.

There's the best stuff - i don't know, but this is definitely the spot.

Oh yeah, look at this there's clusters of these out here.

Oh my goodness check this out.

I mean these are very well formed but wow.

I had no idea really going to be like this.

So you can actually come out here and get clusters.

This whole island is loaded with rose rocks.

Oh my goodness! What we just hit the jackpot boy matrix! We just hit the jackpot boy.

Look: there's rose, rocks everywhere, i'll! Tell you what no wonder you can only take six a day, because someone would have a field day if you couldn't so i'm glad they have that rule.

So now the hardest thing to do is just walk around and find six pieces that i like the most.

I mean look at this.

These will probably clean up even it's kind of nice.

So, let's get to it.

Any rose rocks over there.

Boy come on right here come on boy right here.

I'M right here come on boy come on.

I mean i feel like matrix.

This is a bit overwhelming because i would have been really happy to have found just one piece like this or just one or two of these.

But then you come out here and you see all these just everywhere and you got ta find six of your favorites.

So it's gon na be fun.

Who knows all right? So i think i see my first piece i don't know looks like a cluster there.

I have to move this one out away some to get to it.

Okay, oh yeah.

Definitely my first pick here check that out rose rock cluster, so i'm gon na put this one up somewhere about here.

Stick them right! There be my first piece.

If i don't get it lost with all the millions of those and i've just found number two, i'm pretty sure check out those formations, not bad.

I, like i like so let's keep looking here, good ones right in this area.

It seems to be, i mean you could just look all day, oh and find the perfect piece for you maybe number three.

I think so.

Oh yeah number three.

So we got number two number three there.

You have an excellent view of the lake sure it's very clean water, since it's a reservoir yo look at this plug and this matrix is going crazy, too yeah.

I think i like this one.

You guys see here's that one all cleaned up, really cool.

You can see why they call these rose rocks almost like a rose bush here.

What here's a really good section it looks like here.

Oh look at that all right, i'm just gon na collect a few and then we'll have to go down and decide which ones to take you guys.

And if you come out, you guys, please, you know just only take your six so that everyone can come out and experience.

This awesome place wow.

So i've almost got my limit and i flip this one over.

Oh, it's pretty cool, but i think it's just huge.

Look at this awesome stuff, so i'm gon na flip this one over some nice formations.

Dude, that's looking nice! These, i think, are exactly where they formed.

Maybe yeah look at that, so you can see we're in a fresh area, so it's really cool to see how they just form right up against one another, which is nothing but non-stop, bare right roses left and right.

So i got to decide i'm up to seven total, so we've got to figure out which one we want to leave, i'm going to take one big piece.

I think so this may be the one oh yeah, i think the rest of that is going to come.

Clean very nicely, so here it is all cleaned up.

This thing is huge, oh, if i can do that, makes kind of a nice display sitting down like that bottoms even got them guys check out this little bug in this huge rock i'm getting an up-close picture because it'll go into a shadow, but look at that Huge what a yard rock so i just scooted it back.

I'M gon na check out right underneath see if there's anything loose here, pretty nice one.

Oh there we go trifecta, there might be a keeper.

Oh that's, okay, there's my best single right there.

So for sure that will be the single that i take home, i'm going to keep looking just because there's a lot of nice formations here, i might have to high grade up to a better one.

That's one cool thing: you can just come in and look just high grade.

That's a huge one! Not that well formed, but look at this.

Could it be? Oh almost not quite enough i'll tell you what this is just too easy, you guys now, there's a rose.

What this is so easy definitely come out to this location.

You guys and you can catch your limit in just a few seconds, all right so matrix, and i we're going to walk right back over to the rv.

There get these a little bit more cleaned up and we'll get a good look at them.

You doing good boy, let's go hopping through like a bunny rabbit he's off.

It was really tough to figure out which ones to take with the limit.

But after about an hour of looking, i found my top pieces here really cool thanks so much you guys for watching, be sure to subscribe and turn on that notifications, bell and i'll be giving out some of these.

On my facebook supporter page, it's only 99 cent.

A month, it helps me to log this thing around the country, gasoline and all that stuff.

Thank you guys for all that support and if you guys are interested in purchasing any of my finds over the last several many years, we're still washing stuff up check out the facebook page, the ebay page there'll be the links in the descriptions for those pages.

You guys can get some really nice minerals at half the price that you'll see anywhere else appreciate.

It have a good day.

How To Find Rose Rocks 🌹 💎  Oklahoma Crystal Hunting (2024)


Where do you find rose rocks in Oklahoma? ›

Rose rocks occur in outcrops of Garber sandstone from southern Lincoln through eastern Oklahoma and Cleveland counties and into McClain and Garvin counties (from Guthrie to Pauls Valley) and occur prolifically east of Noble and Norman.

What rocks look like roses in Oklahoma? ›

Few mineral specimens are as distinctly recognizable and traceable to source as the barite roses from Oklahoma. These are also known as "rose rocks" and "barite-sand rosettes." Other than minor occurrences in Kansas, Morocco, and Australia, the barite roses are unique to this state.

Where can I hunt rocks in Oklahoma? ›

Rockhounding sites in Southwestern Oklahoma
LocationMinerals & Rocks
Tindel Company Gravel PitAgate, Carnelian, Chalcedony, Epidote, Jasper, Serpentine
Fort Sill Military ReservationAzurite, Chalcedony
Hazel QuarryEpidote, Quartz
Red RiverAgate, Carnelian, Chalcedony, Epidote, Jasper
5 more rows
Jun 3, 2023

What does a rose quartz rock look like? ›

rose quartz, translucent, usually turbid, very coarse-grained variety of the silica mineral quartz found in pegmatites. Rose quartz is valued for its pale- to rich-pink colour, which may be due to titanium. It has been carved since early times and has been faceted to provide gems of good brilliance.

Where is the most common place to find rose quartz? ›

The finest-quality rose quartz rough typically comes from Brazil. Other sources include India, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka.

How do you identify a rock-rose? ›

How to identify. Common rock-rose flowers are large, with five bright yellow, crinkly petals. The underneath of its lanceolate leaves is white and woolly.

What rock is rose quartz found in? ›

Rose quartz is commonly found in the quartz cores of pegmatites and is believed to form at high temperatures, but it has also been found in hydrothermal veins.

What crystals look like a rose? ›

Gypsum roses usually have better defined, sharper edges than baryte roses. Celestine and other bladed evaporite minerals may also form rosette clusters. They can appear either as a single rose-like bloom or as clusters of blooms, typically ranging from pea-sized to 10 centimetres (4 in) in diameter.

How do I find crystals in my area? ›

Depending on the local geology of your area, you may be able to find crystals in creeks and river beds near you. Most crystals form in pegmatite dikes, but they can be transported long distances by erosion and water currents. Again, local rock shops or rockhounding clubs will be a great asset here.

What do you need to dig for crystals? ›

One of the frequently asked questions is "What tools do I bring?" We suggest you bring thick gloves, eye protection, gardening shovel, weeding tool, screwdriver, 5 gallon bucket and wagon to take your finds to the wash station.

When can you dig for crystals in Oklahoma? ›

Open yearly from April 1 through October 15

View the unique 11,200 acre salt flats and collect the state crystal of Oklahoma free during the Crystal Digging Season open every day from sunrise to sunset during April 1 through October 15. The observation deck located outside the gate is open all year.

What crystals are only found in Oklahoma? ›

This is the only place in the world that you can find hourglass selenite gypsum crystals. The park is located 8 miles north of the small town of Jet in northwestern Oklahoma. Selenite crystals from this location are unique because clay particles are trapped within the crystals as they form.

What gem stones can be found in Oklahoma? ›

Gem hunters will mostly find these in particular:
  • Agate.
  • Calcite.
  • Chalcedony.
  • Fluorite.
  • Jasper.
  • Quartz.
Jan 7, 2023

What is the most common rock in Oklahoma? ›

In Oklahoma, nearly 99% of the rocks that can be seen at, or near, the earth's surface are sedimentary rocks. Sandstone is a type of sedimentary rock that forms when grains of sand are combined together.

Why are rose rocks only found in Oklahoma? ›

Many scientists believe the rocks were formed as water moved through sandstone about the same time as the deposit of the Garber Formation -- a central Oklahoma sandstone configuration. Others think rose rocks might still be forming. And geologists aren't sure why rose rocks are common only in Oklahoma.

Where is rose quartz geode found? ›

The main countriesthat it's found in are South Africa, Sri Lanka, Brazil, India, and Madagascar. It's found in massive quantities in hydrothermal veins, and pegmatites, which are extreme igneous rocks formed during the final stages of magma crystallization.

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