The Best Cinnamon Sugar Recipe (2024)

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Learn how to make cinnamon sugar at home and save a ton of money. Skip the store bought mixture and make this in minutes.

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How to make cinnamon sugar

I saw a spice at the local grocery store for Cinnamon & Sugar and I thought… “people don’t know how to make cinnamon sugar recipe?”

It seems like a DUH moment… because I thought everyone made their own mixture, but it dawned on me that some people may not even know how.

Making your ownwill save you money. You can buy a container of cinnamon for only $1.

That same bottle will last you a VERY long time. Plus if you get sugar on sale, your new spice is even cheaper.

You can double or even triple the recipe depending on what your needs are. It really is such an easy recipe.

Is cinnamon sugar the same as cinnamon?

No this is a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. It is different than just cinnamon.

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What is the best Cinnamon Sugar Ratio?

The ingredients are so very simple to make a perfect cinnamon sugar mix. This is the ratio I use and it’s delicious every time. Yes, I do think the ratio does matter for the best cinnamon sugar mixture.

  • ½ cup of Granulated Sugar – You can use brown sugar as well.
  • 1 Tablespoon of ground cinnamon

That is the perfect ratio. 1 part sugar to 8 parts cinnamon. This does might a mild cinnamon flavor. If you like a strong cinnamon flavor, I recommend mixing 1 part cinnamon to 4 parts sugar.

How to

Add the ½ cup sugar and cinnamon to a bowl and mix them all together. Then pour the mixture into an old spice container or use a mason jar to store it.

It is really that easy. Now use your new mixture for any recipe you may have. Keep reading to jump to recipe below.

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What is cinnamon sugar good for?

  • Make Cinnamon Toast (a huge hit with the family)
  • Mini Cinnamon rolls recipe
  • Cinnamon Crisps
  • Faux Cinnamon Rolls
  • Make Cinnamon French Toast

There are so many ideas and they are all just delicious. You will love having this on hand and how easy it is.

We use it a lot so the savings really add up.

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What is Cinnamon Sugar Toast?

If you’re a child of the 90s, I’m sure that you grew up on cinnamon toast. My mom made it for me all the time and I loved it.

Now I make it for my kids too.

First you butter a piece of bread and top it with butter. Place the buttered toast on a baking sheet.

Then take your cinnamon sugar mixture and sprinkle it over the top of the toast. Generally ¼ cup of this cinnamon sugar mixture will make 4 pieces of cinnamon sugar toast.

Broil until crisp. This is super quick and only takes about 2 minutes.

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How to make cinnamon sugar butter:

With just a few simple ingredients, you can make the most delicious cinnamon sugar butter.

You just need butter, honey and this cinnamon and sugar mixture. Get the full recipe here for Cinnamon Sugar Butter.

It is really decadent if you put it on warm rolls or pancakes. Everything gets all melted and makes it just so amazing.

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How to make Cinnamon SugarPretzels:

It is super easy to make make pretzels at home and you don’t have to worry about any hidden ingredients. Try these Homemade Pretzel Bites and use the cinnamon sugar mixture we just made.

I love that they are bite size and perfect for the kids. They are also great for parties.

We make these pretzel bites for Game Day, parties and more. They are easy enough to make for an after school treat.

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How to Store:

Store in an air tight container. I love keep mine in a shaker jar or a small mason jar. Keep it in an air tight container and it should last for up to 2 months in the pantry.

Print this cinnamon sugar recipe below:

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Cinnamon Sugar

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Learn how to make cinnamon sugar at home and save a ton of money. Skip the store bought mixture and make this in minutes.

Prep Time 5 minutes mins

Total Time 5 minutes mins

Servings 27 (1 tsp servings)

Cuisine American

Course Mixes and Seasonings

Calories 15

Author Carrie Barnard



  • Place both of the ingredients in a mason jar, old spice jar or an air tight container.

  • Stir a spoon or a whisk until the ingredients are well combined.

  • Store with your other seasoning mixes and use with your favorite recipes!

Recipe Notes

Serving size is 1 tsp.

Nutrition Facts

Calories 15kcal, Carbohydrates 4g, Protein 1g, Fat 1g, Saturated Fat 1g, Sodium 1mg, Fiber 1g, Sugar 4g, Calcium 3mg, Iron 1mg

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The Best Cinnamon Sugar Recipe (18)

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The Best Cinnamon Sugar Recipe (2024)


What is cinnamon sugar made of? ›

Cinnamon sugar is a mixture of ground cinnamon and granulated sugar used as a spice to flavor foods such as Belgian waffles, Snickerdoodle cookies, tortillas, coffee cake, French toast, and churros. It is also used to flavor apples, cereals, and other fruits.

Is there a difference between ground cinnamon and cinnamon sugar? ›

What Is the Difference Between Cinnamon and Cinnamon Sugar? Cinnamon is a spice made from the ground bark of a plant and is used in sweet and sometimes savory dishes. It has a spiced, slightly sweet flavor. Cinnamon sugar combines ground cinnamon with sugar to make a sweet ingredient or topping for desserts.

How long does cinnamon sugar last? ›

When does cinnamon sugar expire? Unopened, cinnamon sugar should adhere to the best before date printed on the packaging, which is typically 2-3 years. Once opened, it should keep its peak quality for about the same time, assuming no moisture or contaminates have entered.

Why is cinnamon sugar so good? ›

When combined with sugar, cinnamon's warm, spicy flavor cuts sugar's sweetness and lends an unmistakable aroma. It's the comforting scent of Sunday morning cinnamon toast and mid-summer's peach cobbler.

Can you eat too much cinnamon sugar? ›

Eating too much cinnamon and sugar together can have negative effects on your health. Consuming high amounts of sugar can lead to weight gain and an increased risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

What makes cinnamon sweet? ›

This is due to the presence of cinnamaldehyde, which makes up about 60 percent of cinnamon's bark oil. Cinnamaldehyde is the primary compound in cinnamon essential oil, which is produced by distilling the bark of a cinnamon tree [source: University of Bristol].

Is McCormick cinnamon Cassia or Ceylon? ›

McCormick, a more than 125-year-old company, is a trusted name in the food industry that you can count on to deliver a marriage of quality and affordability. Their ground cinnamon is classified as cinnamon cassia, so the flavor profile is much stronger and sweeter than Ceylon cinnamon.

What is the world's best cinnamon? ›

Many folks refer to Ceylon cinnamon as “the world's best cinnamon”, or by another moniker, “true cinnamon”, and it is indeed fantastic. Ceylon cinnamon comes from the Cinnamomum Verum tree, which is native to Sri Lanka (previously known as Ceylon).

What is the best quality cinnamon in the world? ›

Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon, or “true cinnamon,” is native to Sri Lanka and southern parts of India. It's made from the inner bark of the Cinnamomum verum tree. Ceylon is tan-brown in color and contains many tight sticks with soft layers. These features provide a highly desirable quality and texture.

Can I eat expired cinnamon sugar? ›

But remember, like a lot of other spices, it usually has a best before date or a sell by date and not a use by date or expiration date. Because of this distinction, you may safely use it to compliment your favorite foods even after the printed date has lapsed.

Can you eat raw cinnamon sugar? ›

Cinnamon is safe to eat raw, in moderate amounts. The only danger I've heard of with ground cinnamon is that, if inhaled, it can cause difficulty breathing, choking, etc. You can also sprinkle cinnamon or cinnamon and sugar on raw bread dough, which adds a nice flavor to the bread when baked.

How long is McCormick cinnamon sugar good for? ›

McCormick Culinary® Cinnamon Sugar has a shelf life of 720 days when tightly closed and stored in a cool, dry place to protect against flavor loss and moisture. Avoid exposure to heat, humidity, direct sunlight and fluorescent light to maintain flavor and color.

What happens to your body if you eat cinnamon everyday? ›

“Daily consumption of cinnamon has been linked to heart health in several ways in the long term. Notably, cinnamon is known to reduce levels of total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides, while maintaining levels of HDL cholesterol,” she says.

Is cinnamon good for your Kidneys? ›

In conclusion, cinnamon has no adverse effects on the physiology and morphology of normal healthy kidneys, therefore its use is safe for kidneys.

Does cinnamon lower blood pressure? ›

A review of 9 studies including 641 participants showed that taking cinnamon reduced systolic and diastolic blood pressure by an average of 6.2 mm Hg and 3.9 mm Hg, respectively. This effect was stronger when people took cinnamon consistently over 12 weeks. Cinnamon is easy to incorporate into meals.

Where does cinnamon sugar come from? ›

Homemade cinnamon sugar is made with granulated sugar and ground cinnamon. It comes together in minutes, stores well, and is the perfect cinnamon sugar ratio for sprinkling on toast or muffins, or for rolling homemade donuts in.

How healthy is cinnamon sugar? ›

Many studies have suggested that cinnamon has the ability to lower blood sugar and help manage common diabetes complications, among other health benefits. If you want to take cinnamon supplements or add it to your meals to help lower your blood sugar, it may be best to use Ceylon instead of Cassia.

What flavour is cinnamon sugar? ›

The already sweet, woody and aromatic flavour of the cinnamon balances perfectly with the sugar, which in turn actually helps intensify the flavour of cinnamon. While it is versatile, this blend comes into its own in the sweets and patisserie area.

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